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Irish adj : of or relating to or characteristic of Ireland or its people


1 people of Ireland or of Irish extraction [syn: Irish people, the Irish]
2 whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley [syn: Irish whiskey, Irish whisky]
3 the Celtic language of Ireland [syn: Irish Gaelic]

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Iras, from irar, ultimately from Old Irish Eriu.


  • , /ˈaɪrɪʃ/, /"aIrIS/

Proper noun

  1. The Goidelic language indigenous to Ireland, also known as Irish Gaelic.
    The spelling of Irish is very complicated.
  2. italbrac collectively as a plural The Irish people.
  3. A board game of the tables family.

Usage notes


the language
the people
board game


  1. Temper; anger.
    Whenever he got his Irish up, Clancy lowered the boom.


  1. Pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people.
    Sheep are typical in the Irish landscape.
  2. Pertaining to the Irish language.
  3. Nonsensical, illogical.


pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people
pertaining to the language

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Irish may refer to:

People named Irish

  • William Irish, a pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich, an American writer.

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